Whether you are one mile or 1,000 miles from your farmland, AcrePro Farm Agency will keep you connected to your property.

Land Management:
Simple, Profitable

With the perpetual innovation of farm technology and the vigilance required to succeed in an increasingly data-driven industry, we want to help. Let The Farm Agency make land management easy by managing the entire process for you.

Our Goal: Maximize your Return

It starts by building a relationship. Let us get to know you and identify your goals as a landowner. Together we can reach these goals through diligence, effective communication and transparency.

The Farm Agency Land Management Process:

Identify landowner goals > Qualify and select operators > Negotiate lease terms > Provide in-season updates > Complete and retain all mandatory reports > Collect rent payments

Other services and benefits:

– Land improvement recommendations
– Soil analysis
– Various leasing options
– Conservation and Wildlife program management

Investing in Farmland

While the world’s population and the demand for food both grow, the supply of farmland does not. It is a finite resource that is vital to our survival. Farmland is sometimes referred to as “gold with yield” due to its two sources of profit:

1. Crop production
2. Appreciation of the real estate

This makes farmland a unique financial asset in that it is reserves its value but also produces annual cash returns. In addition, farmland is an effective way to diversify your investment portfolio due to its low correlation to other investments and a high correlation to inflation.


1031 Exchange

 A 1031 Exchange is a tax deferral method of selling one property and using the cash proceeds from that sale for the purchase of a similar property. Through a 1031 Exchange, the capital gains tax is deferred unto the replacement property and not due until the sale of the replacement property occurs. When executed properly, you are able to avoid the liability of the capital gains tax and continue to grow your investment overtime.

Looking to do a 1031 Exchange? At The Farm Agency our Qualified Intermediaries will help facilitate your 1031 Exchange from start to finish with professional guidance you can trust.

Call The Farm Agency to learn how a 1031 Land Exchange can optimize your return and time-value of money.